Our Facility

School of Little Angels, is a beautifully designed facility that has been in the View Park/Windsor Hills community for over 53 years. We occupy nearly an entire city block, allowing for multiple play yards and extensive classroom space for all ages.

Our facility has recently been remodeled, drawing on warm colors of nature that culminate into well designed, well stocked, classrooms that stimulate  peak growth, learning and creativity in each child.

Because we believe in incorporating the outdoor environment into each child’s learning experience, Our facility, utilizes both the indoor and outdoor environment, incorporating the beauty of nature, through the brilliantly colored flowers, trees, and gardens that are sprinkled throughout our environment. Our indoor environment is open and modern, which has been purposed to spark a sense of wonder and creativity. classrooms have french doors and patios that allow the outdoor classroom to easily flow in. also, our classrooms have an openness , marked by glass walls That are situated between classrooms. the open environment and glass walls allow children to experience a sense of freedom, openness and connectedness to their fellow classmates and teachers.